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How To Research Scientific Journals On line

Research is always one of the hardest parts of creation writing. Trying to get to scientific journals on line can send one around and around sterile circles, or to magazines that seem only to reveal themselves for money.

If you have a Multnomah County library card, follow the simple steps below and you will be able to read lots of the desired articles at no cost on your laptop in the comfort of your own bed:

  1. Go to

  2. Under the first heading on the page: Library Resources, click Electronic Resources.

  3. Click on the light blue bar that says Magazines Online.

  4. Type in your Library card number. Click Login.

  5. Click on the blue type that says, EBSCOhost--Magazine and Newspaper databases.

  6. Click Academic Search Elite and ERIC, then click Enter button at top or bottom of screen if you just want a specific scientific journal. If you want a subject wherever it is found, click some or all of the other possible choices before clicking Enter

  7. From Here you can search for the desired article or subject.

  8. If you can't find the journal, or the full text is not available online, ask for it on the library's service: Ask Us! Online. To get there, repeat step 1 above, then under Library Resources click Ask Us! Online on two screens. They will send it by email, or photocopy the article and send the copy to the library branch you choose. In this case you pay ten cents per page when you pick it up. The librarians who answer will also do research for you if you ask that kind of a question. How good the answer will be depends on which librarian takes your question.

PS - The easiest imaginable access to the Britannica and a lot of other reference books. Its free:

Tom Heinze