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Big Bang and Black Holes
UFOs, Aliens and the Bible


Every time someone looks into the sky and sees something that they do not recognize, they are technically seeing a UFO (i.e. an Unidentified Flying Object). However, due to the popularity of science fiction movies, television, and books and a number of well-publicized "UFO incidents" over the past 70 years or so, "UFO" has come to mean "spacecraft from distant galaxies piloted by alien lifeforms evolved on other planets." Just what is the truth about UFOs? Is there an explanation that Christians can understand and believe?

Dr. Hoyle has a Ph.D. in Christian Apologetics and is a full colonel in the United States Air Force Reserve. Because of his extensive military background he has a unique Christian perspective for looking at this subject. He will examine the scriptural, scientific and military truth about UFOs - with spiritual, evolutionary, occultist and prophetic ramifications.

Tom Hoyle is the founder of Bible and Science Ministries headquartered in Tacoma, WA and has been involved in creation science missions for about thirty years. He has spoken over 3,500 times in churches, schools, home schools, and conferences in all 50 states and in five foreign countries; and also broadcasts via Christian radio and television. He is committed to the absolute authority of God's Word, and to the crucial truth of biblical creation.

Christmas Music!

It's that time of year again!

For our December meeting, it's a tradition for those of us who play musical instruments to get together and play Christmas carols before the meeting and during the break.

Interested in joining us this year? Email Kathy Lundgren ( or James Dunn ( or speak to either one at the November meeting!

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