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Footprint Tracks Contradict Evolutionary Geology


While most if not all known dinosaur footprints are found in a single layer of sediment, there is an extraordinary ichnofossil trackway at Slick Rock, Colorado that is an exception. (An ichnofossil is a fossilized trace mark such as an animal's track or burrow.) This trackway vertically traverses four bedding planes of rock, the lower two horizontal and the upper two crossbedded.

July DSA speaker Terry Beh states that current geology identifies the host rock as eolian or "a combination of tidal flat and sand dune layers" created over a roughly 150,000-year timespan. However, the track's preservation clearly indicates rapid deposition of all four rock layers, as well as quick lithification. Toe/finger imprints in the footprints, along with mud "up-push" and deformation of the surrounding sediment strongly suggest a marine depositional environment. The vast areal extent of the host rock further indicates a massive flood. Not insignificantly, the site also marks the first known occurrence of bipedal dinosaur footprints in Middle Jurassic rocks.

Join us this month as new DSA speaker Terry Beh presents current research on fossil trackways!

Terry P. Beh is a professional writer and speaker with an avid interest in the study of fossils from a young-earth creation perspective. Involved with dinosaur and fossil excavations since 1998, Terry has served as a supervisor for dinosaur digs in Colorado and with the Foundation Advancing Creation Truth (FACT) in Montana, where he helped excavate a Thescelosaurus and a giant member of the ceratops family. Formerly a writer for Focus on the Family and Promise Keepers, he currently operates a writing and publishing business, Clouds of Light Publications, through which he self-published his first book, T is for T. Rex: Some of God's Most Amazing Creatures from A to Z. Terry has had a number of opportunities to speak to groups about geology and dinosaurs from a creation science point of view. He has also written and edited for a number of creation organizations, and fossil-related articles of his have appeared in the Creation Research Society's newsletter, Creation Matters.

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