Happening Now -- Help Needed!

State Fair Creation Info Booth

August 22nd - September 1st, 2014

Ray Thompson and friends are manning a booth at the Oregon State Fair, giving away free DVDs (such as: God of Wonders, Evolution vs. God) and creation materials from Answers in Genesis, ICR, Creation Ministries International and Living Waters / Ray Comfort ministries.

Volunteers are still needed.

Booth volunteers do not argue or debate visitors at the fair, but simply offer free creation materials that build and edify the body of Christ and glorify Him as Creator of the heavens and earth and all there is.

Ray Thompson has free tickets to the fair for volunteers. If you can volunteer, please contact Ray Thompson at: 503-704-2880 (cannot receive texts).

Sandy River Day Walk

with Ralph Anderson: September 6th, 2014

Three million hours (about 350 years) ago, Mount Hood erupted, sending hot ash and boulders larger than vans 8 miles down the Sandy River, burying and destroying the existing trees down the valley. Some burned cedar snags (dead trees) far enough from the main channel remain standing and some that rotted away have left tree wells that extend down to 30 feet deep.

Walk and drive on that devastation on September 6th.

Meet leader Ralph Anderson at the Zigzag Ranger Station (off Hwy 26) to the south (upon entering Zigzag) at 9:00AM.

Bring your lunch and walking stick in case the foot bridge has been removed. This is a 4 mile hike up and back from the Ramona Falls parking lot.

No registration is necessary, but a forest parking permit is required at the parking lot, obtainable at the ranger station for $5.

For more info: call Ralph Anderson at 503-658-3046

Next Meeting:
Defeating Atheism with Science


Many atheists claim that science disproves the Bible. Despite these claims, science is actually quite consistent with Scripture.

Christians often feel unequipped to defend their faith in this area -- but this need not be so.

Instead, any Christian can defend his or her faith against any scientific claim from an atheist, even without knowing the details of that particular claim. Why? Because science itself disproves atheism.

Atheism, when taken to its logical conclusion, denies the fundamental assumptions and requirements of science. Therefore, if science is valid, then atheism must be false.

Join us as we discuss how Christians can defend their faith in all areas of science. After a brief discussion of specific evidence like fossils, radiometric dating, and intelligent design, we'll dig deeper and see how science itself disproves atheism. Understanding a few fundamental ideas about science are all that's necessary for any Christian to be well-equipped in this area.

Spike worked for Lockeed Martin under the former United States Space Command, advancing from Scientific Programmer Analyst to Senior Systems Engineer before going into business for himself as a Consultant, which enables him to spend more time with his family, homeschooling his sons, and doing Creation ministry.

A New Way to Support DSA!

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Fred Meyer is donating $2.5 million per year to non-profits in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington, based on where their customers tell them to give. Here's how the program works:

Sign up for the Community Rewards program by linking your Fred Meyer Rewards Card to Design Science Association at:

You can search for us by our name or by our non-profit number: 93853. Then, every time you shop and use your Rewards Card, you are helping DSA earn a donation! You still earn your Rewards Points, Fuel Points, and Rebates, just as you do today. If you do not have a Rewards Card, they are available at the Customer Service desk of any Fred Meyer store.