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Creation Truth and Its Defense


There are 2 main world views competing for supremacy in our society today. The one dignifies man as being in the image of God. He has a destiny of living in a resurrected state for ever in a place that eyes have not seen nor ear has heard, nor has even entered the heart of man all that God has prepared for those who love Him. The other competing world view reduces God at best to an impersonal force called "nature," or, does not even exist at all. And as to man, reduces him to a pitiful creature who has no ultimate meaning or purpose, where all of his joys and dreams are destined to obliteration.

May DSA speaker David Bishop responds that it is time for Christians to be warriors for the truth, to "always be ready to make a defense for the reason of the hope that is in you." The facts are on our side. If we allow ourselves to be defeated time after time in conversation, we are confirming unbelievers in their unbelief. And more importantly, how do we turn this into an evangelistic opportunity? Just winning an argument concerning origins is not near as important as winning them to Christ.

Join us this month for a new talk from an engaging speaker!

David Bishop joined the Marine Corps at age 18, served throughout Southeast Asia, the Middle-East, & around the world, retiring from the Marine Corps after over 20 years of service. He is presently a police officer in southern California in the patrol division and on the SWAT team.

David believes that in order for the military to be successful as an institution, and to win in battle, soldiers must have what we might call an absolute standard of values. To date he has taught Core Values classes to over 250,000 Marines.

He majored in Biblical studies at Wayland Baptist University, Liberty University and has a Bachelors of Science Degree from the State University of New York.

David has an evangelistic ministry presenting the Gospel message and the overwhelming evidence for the Christian faith to hundreds of servicemen each month on a major military base. David has written a book, "Christian Truth and Its Defense for U.S. Marines" that has found its way into Iraq and Afghanistan, and is in the hands of thousands of servicemen.

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