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Secular Scientists Claim that "evolution explains everything." But can this be verified by empirical science? in June, popular speaker Dr. Heinz Lycklama will examine some of the statements made in the last few years in which these scientists propose new "natural" explanations for the origin of our universe, of first life, and the origin of complex life.

These explanations include such proposals as the Big Bang, Inflation, Quantum Fluctuations, Gravity, and the Multiverse for the origin of the universe. The origin of first life requires a primordial soup, self-replicating complex molecules, enzymes as catalysts, cells, and an energy source. What evidence is offered for all of these elements being available at the right time and in the right environment to produce first life? Where and how do they claim that life started if not on Earth: Hydro-thermal Vents? Mars? Panspermia?

There are many dictionary definitions for the word evolution. Secular scientists are using an imaginary definition to affect that evolution is a fact and that the designs we see in complex life in nature can be explained by mutations and natural selection.

We will see that the explanations they offer are not what we have historically accepted as normal, empirical science or a proper use of the scientific method, but are pseudoscience, now often referred to as post-normal science, a concept that goes beyond the assumptions that science is certain and value-free.

Dr. Heinz Lycklama has a Bachelor's degree in engineering Physics and a Ph.D. in experimental nuclear Physics from McMaster University in Canada. he has worked in the telecommunications (Bell Telephone NJ) and computer software (Interactive Systems Corp) industries.
Challenged in his Christian faith by what he was taught in university in the 1960s, he developed a series of lectures on this topic, and has presented the material in Europe, Asia and North America. With his knowledge of the Bible, and of science and engineering, Dr. Lycklama has continued to develop and present new material on the Creation vs. Evolution controversy ( Heinz and his wife Gerda live in Arlington, WA. They were both born in the Netherlands, emigrated to Canada, married in 1964, and later emigrated to the US.

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